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Passion & dedication: the secret ingredients to have success!

As a lover of dystopic novels, I never thought that I would have found myself in a real dystopic situation like the one we are living now. This break in our fast-moving and stressing routine tastes like a weird holiday. A holiday in which we have time to think about ourselves and to invest in our dreams and our passions. What’s next? What did we achieve?

Editorial Photo Blue Crown
Editorial Photo Blue Crown
Editorial Photo White Roses
Editorial Photo White Roses

I strongly believe that having a dream in something that makes life tastier. A dream is something that helps you to understand which direction you want to take in life and it is something that motivates you when you are exhausted. I personally have a lot of dreams. The main one has always been to inspire make-up artists and art lovers to create and to achive their own dreams.

In 2019 I started a project with Camilla Camaglia, a talented Italian photographer, who has a special eye for beauty photography and likes working closely with make-up artists. Camilla and I always performed well together: we inspire eachothers and we create a great artistic sinergy. We decided to create a book: not a simple book of make-up but a book of pure art.

We wanted to create something visually different, outside of normal beauty stereotypes.

The title of our book is “Art Beyond Beauty”: we tried to go beyond our creative limits, pushing eachothers to think outside of the box.

Art beyond beauty book by Einat Dan
With this book we want to inspire people…

With this book we want to inspire people…

#1 There is no limit to creativity

Push yourself to the limit.

Creativity is a matter of “what can be” against the paradigm of “what it is”.

#2 Believe in yourself

Set goals & be optimistic.

It is not always an easy journey but you have to be the person that believes in yourself the most. Believing in yourself is a step closer to success.

#3 Add passion & dedication

If you have a dream and you feed that with passion and dediction, your reality can become far greater than the dream you began with.

Since beginning of May 2020 the book is again on stock. You can find it on my website shop.

Thank you!

Love & Colors,

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